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PowerPush 5000

Meritool has manufactured dispensers for the auto glass technician for 15 years. The POWERPUSH 5000 was developed, designed, assembled and tested in the USA.

The POWERPUSH 5000 is engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of hte auto glass installation professional.

Our patented design is available in 10oz. cartridge, and 300, 400, and 600ml. sausage sizes.

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PowerPush 7000

The PowerPush® 7000 series is the first cordless power tool engineered and designed from the ground up for demanding two component adhesive and sealant dispensing.Featuring the patented directdrive® system, the PowerPush™ 7000 series delivers effi cient, precise and commanding dispensing,with power beyond the most ample air tools. With models available to accommodate cartridge capacities from 300ml to 1500ml, thePowerPush® 7000 tools cover a wide range of market applications. These tools feature variable speed control, rapid rack release, dosingcontrol, and high force capability, which allow the tool to mix and dispense effi ciently and accurately.The PowerPush® 7000 tools feature cordless convenience, all weather power, and a quick-charge system with long life batteries.Recharging can be done from either household current or from a 12V cigarette lighter. It is the ultimate in reliability, versatility, and portability,and is designed for continuous duty use.

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PowerPush 7500

The PowerPush® 7500 series is a lightweight, cordless, electric handheld dispenser for 50 ml cartridges. This durable tool makes dispensing
two component adhesives smooth and effortless, time after time. As a replacement option to the manual applicator which normally requires
exertion of frequent and repetitive force, the PowerPush® 7500 reduces the user’s risk for work related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD’s).
A speed control knob allows the user to match the dispense rate to the viscosity of the material and the requirements of the application. The
adjustable Drip-Free™ feature virtually eliminates dripping – it’s like having “suck back” without the need for air. This unit is capable of exerting
200 lbs of force and can easily dispense high viscosity material over 1 million cps.
Each PowerPush® 7500 dispenser comes complete with rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack, and an AC adapter for
standard electrical outlet usage. The adapter also serves as a recharging device.
Easy to load, the PowerPush® 7500 can be used with many standard 50 ml cartridge types and mix ratios. This tool is well balanced with
approximately 2/3 of the weight in the handle, making it easy to hold and maneuver, reducing the operator’s risk of injury.

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