About Meritool

Meritool began the design and manufacture of cordless dispensing products in 1993. By focusing on this core competency for almost 30 years, we have emerged as a global leader in the design and manufacture of these products. The PowerPush line has developed a reputation for quality, reliability and performance around the world in many industries.
Cordless battery operated equipment has grown in popularity as today’s markets transition to function economically and with on-demand portable products. Cordless products are greener than other forms of powered dispensers.
Meritool innovates continuously having been granted many patents in our field – both domestic and international. Meritool has engineered a broad line to meet virtually every dispensing need for both single and dual component cartridges and sausages.
Our products are known to be:
  • Lightest and most powerful in their class
  • Able to mix and push the most viscous materials
  • Engineered for long life under demanding conditions

We excel at making special products to help solve special customer needs. Examples include:

  • Tools that run backwards to pull adhesive in to a bulk gun
  • Dosing routines that enable customers to dispense precise amounts of material for their application.
  • Variable soft start and auto-reverse routines that take into account cartridge and material compressibility
  • Customized force and speed profiles to enable optimal application of a particular chemical and mixing requirement
  • Tools that totalize adhesive dispensed overtime for material cost control.
  • Special front end designs to dispense unique cartridge or sausage configuration.
Meritool is located near Buffalo, New York in the Town of Salamanca and proudly continues the tradition of designing and assembling our products in the USA.

Meritool LLC
4496 Route 353
PO BOX 148
Salamanca, NY 14779

Phone: 716.699.6005
Fax: 716.699.6337