About Meritool

Meritool traces its roots back to 1949, and has specialized in the design, development, and manufacture of customized hand and power tools for customers in North America, Europe, and Asia since 1993. We are the leader in quality battery operated dispensing tools, having eight patents issued in battery and pneumatic dispensing technology, with additional patents pending. We continue our proud tradition of being crafted in the USA, as our manufacturing facility is located in Ellicottville, NY.
Battery operated equipment has grown in popularity as today’s construction industry transitions to function economically and with on-demand portable products. Meritool has engineered a new line of battery operated caulk dispensers to meet this growing market and to provide users with a high force, high speed method of dispensing a variety of materials. Several variations of the battery design continue to be offered in markets such as automotive glass, chemical anchoring, epoxy injection, as well as construction applications.
With the launch of the PowerPush® 7000 series in 2003, Meritool has successfully offered the world’s first two component battery dispensing tool. With its extreme high force capability and portable design, the 7000 series has been the tool of choice for all professional sectors, and in many industries has provided a suitable alternative to traditional air and manual tools.
Our team of product development engineers uses paperless design including CAD ProE Wildfire, FEA Pro Mechanica, SLA SLS Prototyping, as well as automated instrumented test equipment and extensive field trial programs. Meritool continues to improve upon existing designs, as well as poise itself for the future by engineering and launching more cordless solutions into the market within the coming year.

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