PowerPush 5026-400 400 and 465ml sausage caulking gun, 20V

Meritool 5000 Series Model: 5026-400

Capacity400 / 465 ml Sausage
Battery20v Lithium 2.0Ah
Mix RatioN/A
Maximum Force 4 kN / 900lb
Tool Weight 3.1kg /6.2lbs
Shipping Weight 8.4lbs
Dimensions 3.8″ x 10.3″ x 28″

The 5000 Series is the original tool in the Meritool portfolio, having been refined and improved over 20 years. The all metal planetary and bevel gear drive system provides an overall reduction ratio of 1300:1 and provides a maximum output force of 900 lbs (4.0kN). A master speed dial combined with a feathering power trigger provides unmatched bead control. Our positive clutch design ensures precise piston position for fastest bead recovery after trigger pull. The compact and efficient design of the 5000 series makes us 20% lighter than other tools in our class. The long lived 20V x 2.0Ah battery provide up to 100 cartridge sets of dispensing power per charge. The Powerpush charger provide an ultrafast 30 minute charge time.

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